2020 November results

In November, we ran the “Animals” competition remotely via dropbox and the images were judged by members. Thank you to everyone who entered and sent in marks. If there is anything we can do to encourage you to enter then please let me know. November had a record number of entrants for a lockdown competition. Both competitions were very close, with Veronica winning both.

1st Veronica Watson(H)

2nd Tom Carlill (E)

3rd Sue West (B)

4th Gordon Brown (A)

August results

In August, we ran the “Open” competition remotely via dropbox and the images were judged by members

The voting was very close and hence we ended up with a joint 1st The winning individual images were
1st (joint) – Tom Carlill

1st (joint) – Veronica Watson

3rd Robin Pearson

4th (joint) St.John Burkett

4th (joint) Dave Baxter


June 2020 results

In June, we ran the “Seasons – Spring” competition remotely via dropbox and the images were judged by members. Thank you to everyone who entered and sent in marks

The results are below

Well done to Walter for winning both competitions The winning individual images were
1st Walter Lodge

2nd StJohn Burkett

3rd Sue West

4th Peter Bower

May Competition

May’s competition was run remotely with members voting on images on the website and dropbox. The theme was ‘Houses’ which was useful as we were in lockdown.

Junes competition will be run int he same way with the theme “Seasons – Spring”

The May results are below

The top 5 images are shown below

1st Tom Carlill

2nd (Joint) StJohn Burkett

2nd (Joint) Walter Lodge

3rd Peter Bower

4th Julie Cole

April Meeting

In April, we ran the DPI competition remotely via dropbox and the images were judged by John Wilcox (who has previously judged at the club). We had 11 entries which was pretty good given the 2019 DPI had 12 entries. Thank you to everyone who entered

The overall results are as follows


1st Sue West

2nd StJohn Burkett

3rd Veronica Watson

4th Geoff Sutcliffe


1st Sue West

2nd Veronica Watson

3rd David Baxter

4th StJohn Burkett

March Meeting 2020

The next meeting of the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society will be held on Thursday 19th March 2020 at 8.00pm at the Church Hall in Great Casterton, Stamford. The competition will be for the Portrait Cup, with up to 4 prints per member of a maximum of A3 in size or equivalent. A Portrait is a photograph of a person or pet, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders. Each print will be scored and the sum of the four scores will used for the Group Competition. The best 4 images will be selected for the Individual Competition.

The competition will be judged by Richard Houghton who opened his first photographic studios in Farcet near Peterborough in 2011 to extend the range of portrait photographs available to families, couples and individuals. Due to a relocation, the studios in Farcet closed in November 2017 and his new studio in Welby opened in April 2018. Richard completed two years as President of Peterborough Photographic Society and also, until their closure in mid-2013 was the Chief Photographer for Peterborough City On-Line, covering news and sports stories around the region. Currently, in addition to the many photo training courses he has written and presented at either his studios or at various locations around the region, Richard also presents  a number of his courses for attendees at City College Peterborough.

January Meeting 2020 results

The January meeting of the Society was held on Thursday 16th January 2019 with the competition topic being Open for both Individual and Group competitions. The competition was judged members.

Tom Carlill was 1st in the individual and group with pictures of the north Norfolk coast in winter including the Cromer lighthouse at dusk and night

Ian Dobson came 2nd in the individual completion and 4th in the group competition with images of flowers with his individual picture of a bee on a thistle being particularly detailed.

Julie Coles and Peter Bowers were joint 3rd in the Individual competition with Julie’s picture of the sunrise at Uffington Meadows and Peter’s of shapes around water

Veronica Watson and Sue West were joint 4th in the Individual competition

Veronica was 2nd in the group competition with her collection of shadows, both natural and artificial and Sue West was 3rd in the group with pictures of the fishermen landing and selling their catch in India 

December Meeting Report 2019

The December meeting of the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society was held on Thursday 19th December 2019 with the competition topic being the Print of the Year with a single print. The competition was judged by Jon Adams, a partner in Foto Buzz and local company Blue Ice Media.

1st Place – Veronica Watson with ‘Misty Harbour Morning’.
This photograph was taken in the early morning in the little harbour of Essaouira, Morocco. It portrays an extremely misty scene, which lends a lovely atmosphere to the image. Interlocking lines of boats and posts lead the viewer’s eye through to the masts in the background, apparently rising out of the mist.
2nd  Place – Julie Coles with ‘Time for Dinner’.
This lovely image, showing great contrast, is of a heron taken at night. It has been perfectly exposed, with excellent detail and makes a captivating photograph with shimmering reflections in the water.
3rd Place – Andy Hunting with ‘Light Work’.
His image has caught a wonderful moment, showing a beautiful composition of a collection of very detailed, coloured lanterns, taken in the town of Hoi An, Vietnam…..beneath which is a figure, apparently completely unaware of her surroundings and focused on her mobile phone.
4th Place – Sue West with ‘Elaborate Make-up…..’.
This is a fascinating image taken in Kerala, India, of a young man whose face has been exotically and very colourfully made up. The photograph exhibits excellent framing, depth of field and good eye contact.

Conker Championship 2019

The World Conker Championship was held on 13th October in Southwick, Northants with the Conker King and Queen being crowned at the end of a rather wet day.