June Meeting 2018

The competition’s theme for June was Portraits. David Townshend, a former member and ARPS, was the judge for the competition and did an excellent job in providing feedback to members on each image submitted to help them improve their photography. He explained how important details are, especially ensuring that the subject’s eyes are always in focus
1st in the individual and in the group competitions was Peter Hallam with a beautiful collection of black and white prints of individuals at work

2nd Individual Veronica Watson – Faraway

Veronica Watson was 2nd in the Individual competition, with a portrait that made use of a hat to provide contrast and a guide for your eyes to follow.

3rd Individual John Hillier

John Hillier was 3rd in the individual and 2nd in the group competitions with a range of contrasting characters.

4th Individual Dave Baxter Sky From Paw Patrol

Dave Baxter was 4th in the individual and group. Dave’s individual picture was ‘Sky from Paw Patrol’. An unusual portrait image (in that it wasn’t a person) but an animal dressed in clothes that was nicely composed and focussed

Gordon Brown Portrait

Gordon Brown and Tom Carlill were joint 3rd in the group with a range of models from organised photoshoots.