May Meeting 2018

The Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society took part in the monthly competition with this month’s theme being Street Life. This topic can cover anything from intimate shots of people through to scenes captured in an urban environment. Following the competition Pete Atkinson gave an overview of the process to capture a stunning landscape picture using modern photographic and image processing techniques.
1st in the individual and 4th in the group competitions was St.John Burkett who covered a range of images from a single person and their shadow through to a busy street.
Veronica Watson was 2nd in the Individual with a colourful display of street performers and she was also 1st in the group.
Robin Person was 3rd in the individual with a shot of 3 ladies waiting.
Sue West was 3rd in the group with a range of colourful street art.
Gordon Brown was 4th in the individual with intimate shots of individuals on their phones.