October 2017

All about textures

At the October meeting, members of the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society competed for the Monthly Individual and Group Image Competition where each photographer tried to capture the perfect images showing textures.

Individual First Place – Veronica Watson

Veronica Watson won both the Individual and group competitions with a range of different landscapes including desert sand dunes, a tea plantation, tree bark and the individual picture of a Sea Holly.
Gordon Brown came 2nd in the individual competition with the rocky landscape of Iceland
Tom Carlill was 3rd in the individual competition and 2nd in the group competition with a collection of rough pictures (a child on a footpath through a field and corn blowing in the wind) and smooth pictures from of the sea and of kelp.

David Baxter was 4th in the individual competition with pictures of attractive food including a runny boiled egg.
In the group competition 3rd place was taken by St.John Burkett with his collection of textures generated by water pictures and 4th place went to Sue Haynes with a collection of close ups of food including figs, broccoli, satsumas and an orange.
Following the completion the society prepared images for our exhibition, which will be on display at the Stamford Arts Centre from the 14th December to the 7th January.
The next meeting topic is Portraits and will take place at Great Casterton Village Hall on the 16th November from 8pm.
New members are always welcome. Please contact secretary Gordon Brown at secretary@stamford-photosoc.org.uk for more details or visit the website; stamford-photosoc.org.uk