January Meeting 2020 results

The January meeting of the Society was held on Thursday 16th January 2019 with the competition topic being Open for both Individual and Group competitions. The competition was judged members.

Tom Carlill was 1st in the individual and group with pictures of the north Norfolk coast in winter including the Cromer lighthouse at dusk and night

Ian Dobson came 2nd in the individual completion and 4th in the group competition with images of flowers with his individual picture of a bee on a thistle being particularly detailed.

Julie Coles and Peter Bowers were joint 3rd in the Individual competition with Julie’s picture of the sunrise at Uffington Meadows and Peter’s of shapes around water

Veronica Watson and Sue West were joint 4th in the Individual competition

Veronica was 2nd in the group competition with her collection of shadows, both natural and artificial and Sue West was 3rd in the group with pictures of the fishermen landing and selling their catch in India