March Meeting 2020

The next meeting of the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society will be held on Thursday 19th March 2020 at 8.00pm at the Church Hall in Great Casterton, Stamford. The competition will be for the Portrait Cup, with up to 4 prints per member of a maximum of A3 in size or equivalent. A Portrait is a photograph of a person or pet, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders. Each print will be scored and the sum of the four scores will used for the Group Competition. The best 4 images will be selected for the Individual Competition.

The competition will be judged by Richard Houghton who opened his first photographic studios in Farcet near Peterborough in 2011 to extend the range of portrait photographs available to families, couples and individuals. Due to a relocation, the studios in Farcet closed in November 2017 and his new studio in Welby opened in April 2018. Richard completed two years as President of Peterborough Photographic Society and also, until their closure in mid-2013 was the Chief Photographer for Peterborough City On-Line, covering news and sports stories around the region. Currently, in addition to the many photo training courses he has written and presented at either his studios or at various locations around the region, Richard also presents  a number of his courses for attendees at City College Peterborough.