November Meeting – 2018

The November competition theme for the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society was Monochrome. This meant that each photographer, by means of an individual and a panel of four images, could display their black and white photography skills using a subject of their own choice.

1st Individual St.John Burkett

1st in the individual competition was St.John Burkett with a beautiful reflective picture of a boy playing with water

2nd Individual Tom Carlill

Tom Carlill was 2nd in the individual and 2nd in the group. Tom’s pictures celebrated 100 years of the RAF.

3rd Individual Andy Hunting

Andy Hunting was 3rd in the individual and 4th in the group. His individual picture was a silhouette of a lady in a tunnel.

4th Individual Sue West

Sue West was 4th in the individual and 3rd in the group with a series of images representing black and white curves

Veronica Watson was 1st in the group completion with a clever collection of games such as chess and scrabble.