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January Competiton

For the January competition “Open Night”, congratulations to Sue West who won both the Individual and Group competition with her photos of Waxwings.

In joint 2nd place for the Individual competition were Nigel Jolly and Chris Reed; with Tom Carlill, Dave Baxter and David Naylor all in joint 3rd place.

For the Group, Chris Read came in 2nd with Nigel Jolly, Dave Baxter and Pam Carter all sharing 3rd place.

December Competition – Print of the Year

The competition was judged by David Kissman, and members were generally pleased with his helpful critiques and advice on how an image might be improved.

The Print of the Year winner was Sue West, with her image of a Scooter. The judge said it was a risk to photograph the scooter in motion, but it had been well executed and was in a good position within the frame, an outstanding composition.


Second Place was awarded to Veronica for her image of a Winter Swan. It was described as having a pleasant bluish light reflecting the fact it was taken in winter, and the backlight on the right of the image providing atmosphere.


Third Place was In Memoriam by St.John Burkett, which was described as having good use of light, well-positioned verticals and overall a good balance


Fourth Place was Peter Bower with Light Shade and Texture, which was taken in France. It was judged to have good lighting, and using the tree on the right provided a good stop.

Competition results for July 2023

For the first time since before Covid, the Society held one of its competitions as a Digitally Projected event. 14 members submitted 56 images between them ,which were placed on the web to allow members to judge them in the comfort of their own homes and submit what in their opinion were the top 6 images.

At the meeting on the Thursday evening members reviewed all the images and explained how and when their own images were taken. Later in the evening a presentation was given on how to calibrate screens and ensure that printers are matched to produce quality prints.

In the Individual Competition Simon Curley was the winner with his image of a stag “Solo Deer” taken at Bradgate Park near Leicester.

In second place, only 2 points behind Simon, was Nigel Jolley with his image “High Speed Hunter” of a Kingfisher in flight.

In joint third place was Iain Evans with his image “Man on a Mountain” taken in Wales and Gordon Brown with his image “Pasque Flowers” taken earlier this year at Hills and Holes near Barnack.

And in fourth place was Sue West with her image “Maori Warrior” take in New Zealand

In the Group Competition the winner was Nigel Jolley with a set of natural history images.