2022 February Competition

In February the competition theme was Night Photography.

First place in the Individual competition was won by Veronica Watson with a really atmospheric shot of a road at night complete with car light trails and an intriguing individual pondering

A Night On The Town

In Joint 2nd place was Tom Carlill and Gordon Brown

Tom’s image was taken in London with a young lady on a Routemaster bus

Girl on a London Bus

Gordon’s image of the lighthouse was taken at Portland Bill on a starry night.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

In 3rd Place was Sue West with her image taken on an evening just after Christmas in Stamford

Stamford at night

StJohn Burkett took 4th Place with his image taken at night by the sea with a pedestrian walking along the beach.

The Group competition, with sets of 4 photos, was won by Veronica Watson with Sue West second, Gordon Brown third and Tom Carlill in fourth place.